The Music




Alessandro Querzoli 
More than 500 live performance, 3 personal albums, 11 label productions.
Musician since 1998 , musictherapist since 2005.
Playing in europe, central america and africa.
My vision of music lead me to develop a technique and expressiveness that has stood out as interesting and innovative proposal in the musical and artistic fields.
The universal use of percussion instruments allow me to spread a culture of sound that is centered and focuses on the effectiveness of rhythm and melody for each type of proposal to which I belongs.

Partnership with record label as IRMA Records, SouLove Records, Sound Groove Design, ISA VIS, Looper Records, Jayworks, Fuzz Records.


Soundcloud channel – recording studio production

Facebook Page

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INSTRUMENTS: DTX 12 drum pad yamaha, 2 LP compact bongos, 2 LP compact congas, 1 darbukka, 3 djembe, 1 planetary gong (jupiter), 1 hang drum, 1 birimbao , 7 tibetanian bowls, 1 cajon, 2 koshis, 1 oceanic drum, 1 sciamanic drum and more cow bells, palo de agua, shakers, cimbals, chimes.

Microphones: 1 Wireless Radio Sennheiser XS, 2 Shure MS58 S, 2 PG 56, 2 Beyerdinamics

DJ Consolle: DENON MC4000 + DJ software VD 8.0

Audio set: Komplete Audio 6

Mixer: Allen & Heat ZED 12FX – Montarbo FX12

Devices:  Loop Machine Boss RC505,  Alesis NanoVerb 2, TC HELICON Perform VG

Speakers: Sr Technology Poket One 40-600 watt (2 speakers & 1 subwoofer), monitor DaG 8P MKI






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